WholeBodyDentDentistry for Total Body Health

“Your most valuable asset is your health. Our goal is to assist you in improving the quality, vitality and potentially the length of your life through effective dental hygiene practices.”
Dr. Sundar and the dedicated team at Dental Health Wairoa are acutely aware of how oral health conditions affect the vitality, quality and general wellbeing.

Heart disease, diabetes management, cavities, and many other conditions are affected by bacteria from the mouth. One of the most important things Dental Health Wairoa can do for you is to ensure that your oral health is thriving and therefore having a positive effect your overall health and wellbeing.

Whilst repairing any prior damage, our highly trained staff will develop a progressive disease prevention and management program dental programme tailored to your needs. Our approach may also involve physicians to assist us in the integration of oral health with total health. You can be sick with a healthy mouth but the reverse just isn’t true.

Our on-site laboratory allows us to deliver the highest quality restorations or appliances available and to make sure they fit and feel right, allowing us to accommodate the highest aesthetic demands. Our use of the latest advances in technology includes laser treatment of gum diseases; microscope enhanced Root Canal & Restorative Therapies, Invisalign, Nobel Biocare Dental Implants and same-day tooth-coloured restorations with Cerec CAD-CAM Technology to help you maintain a lifetime of healthy and bright smiles.